Welcome To My Sense of Humor

Last night I learned the hard way that my body DOES NOT like running at night, my whole 5 km last night my body was just not having it. I pushed through and admittedly it was one of those runs that you are glad you did it at the end but it is awful while it is happening. I tried to kill two birds with one stone and spend time with my husband after work and then run after dinner when he would be busy watching hockey. Yeah nope. Lesson learned.ย I should have just stayed with ol’ faithful and done the workout right after work.

After my run, I am not sure if it was because I was so tired or having an endorphin high or a mix of both but my sister and I kept quoting a meme that I had sent her yesterday afternoon:


Hilarious right?! No? Just me (and Windy)?


See Windy and I are kind of ridiculous when it comes to our humor and sometimes it results in weird looks from Brian and Windy’s husband, Jed. But I think everyone has that one person (or if you are lucky enough, more than one person) who you can be completely off the wall around and they think you are hilarious. I am lucky enough to have a few people that I can be completely myself around (my husband included even if he does give me strange looks sometimes) and I feel so grateful for that.



So question for you: do you have people who share your humor?ย 

Quite a few years ago, my friend Christina and I went crazy playing outside in the rain one afternoon. Jumping in puddles and laying on the wet grass. It was so random but I am so glad that we honored our urge to act like kids.

Do you have a meme that you think I would like?! Send it my way!

Confession: I hoard memes and GIFs. I save them as I see them for a rainy day when I send it to Windy or I put it on the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hopefully this post brought a smile to your Wednesday and if it didn’t just stare at the GIF of the two guys shown above. It is impossible to not smiling while watching them.


xo T


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