The Ceremony.

When I am really nervous parts of my body shake uncontrollably. I used to sing in a choir and there were a few performances where my kneecaps would be twitching and shaking underneath my skirt. On my wedding day my upper lip was the body part that decided to shake. Walking down the aisle I was afraid to smile an open tooth smile because it felt like my top lip was going to shake right off my face and that everyone could see it (they couldn’t). Somehow my amazing photographer captured photos of me smiling while walking down the aisle so thank goodness.

untitled-173Brian told me that the absolute worst part about our wedding day was the waiting. Our wedding party had to coordinate the both of us and sneak to different rooms of the hotel so we wouldn’t get a glimpse of each other as we were waiting for the ceremony to start. At one point we were exactly one floor apart. I was waiting in my brother’s hotel room and since it was sitting there, out in the open, my dad and I and my bridesmaids all did a shot of jagermeister before walking down the aisle. Pure class. My one bridesmaid, Jo, wrapped herself around me to hold a towel so that I wouldn’t get any drops on my dress!  It actually really helped to take the edge off.

Meanwhile in the ceremony room, the decor was arranged


the guests were seated


the rings were carefully taken to the front


and Brian was waiting.

untitled-144Again, I am not sure my step-dad Ian got a photo of me smiling while walking down the aisle but he did.

untitled-189I hugged my dad

untitled-195And faced Brian to swear my love to him.

untitled-217I cried of course and I don’t even remember what I said but I remember looking into Brian’s eyes and not even caring that there was a room full of people watching us. It was a completely surreal experience.


untitled-249I would marry him again in a heartbeat 🙂




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