Fail Pizza.

Sometimes when there is nothing you can do, you just have to laugh at yourself.

I encountered this reality on Saturday when I tried to be the best wife ever and make Brian his favourite dessert, a fruit pizza. He had worked 19 hours on Friday and woke up from 4 hours of sleep to work another 5 hours. I have no idea how he does it but while he was sleeping I decided to surprise him with the infamous fruit pizza.

photo 2I decided to get creative and use up a Tenderflake pie crust that we had sitting in our freezer and instead of the regular sugar cookie crust, make more of a fruit pie than pizza. I also tried a new recipe for the filling part and made an orange glaze (with freshly grated orange zest) instead of the regular pineapple one that I make. I know, I was getting fancy but he is worth it πŸ˜‰

PicMonkey Collage1So my fruit was cut and neatly arranged, the glaze actually turned out really nice so I eagerly spooned it on top of the fruit pie and placed it in the refrigerator to set. I didn’t say a word about it to Brian so a couple hours later when he went to get a glass of milk he sounded like a little kid at Christmas, high pitched voice and everything (sorry babe…).

photo 3(1)

We were having friends over for a potluck dinner and cards that night so everyone who arrived got to see my fruit pie in the fridge. After we stuffed our faces at dinner, we waited a little while to digest before diving into my masterpiece. But as I was cutting it, I was noticing that something wasn’t right. I felt the crust and it hit me. I didn’t bake the pre-made crust (looking at Β the photos now it is pretty obvious but at the time it didn’t even cross my mind).


So in front of everyone, I had to explain what I did and laugh along with everyone else about my error. I mean it was pretty hilarious but I was mortified that I had bragged so much about my amazing Susie Homemaker skills. We all decided that I should still serve the pie and everyone would just scoop out the filling and leave the raw crusts. My sister, the people pleaser, saw that I was laughing but kind of upset so she tried eating a bite that included the raw crust. Bless her heart for trying but she immediately started gagging and had to spit it out.

The mistake was a the running joke for the rest of the night, and I drowned my sorrows in one several cocktails to ease the embarrassment. We played a drinking game called Socialables, have you ever played it? If you make the right rules, it can be pretty hilarious. Did you all have a good weekend? Anyone have a major fail in life like I did?

photo 4(1)

Happy Monday and hopefully your weekend culinary adventures turned out better than mine!


xo T


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