Present for My Dad

Besides the actual wedding vows, and reading the letter from Brian, the only other time that was very emotional for me was when I gave my Dad his present. His reaction when he first saw me is one of my favourite memories from the day.

untitled-245-2 He just kept saying “Wow”. I think I rendered him speechless 😉

I then put on his boutonniere for him even though I had no idea what I was doing (after we hugged it promptly fell to the floor and my sister had to redo it!).

untitled-248-2 I then gave him a present I had ordered from Etsy. It was a linen handkerchief that I had custom embroidered to say “Dad, Today a Bride, Tomorrow a Wife, Always your Little Girl. Love Tawny.  June 15, 2013”




untitled-261-2 This moment was so special to me and I think my Dad really appreciated the gesture. My bridesmaids couldn’t even hold it together during this exchange:



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