Getting Ready – Groom

Brian stayed at our house the night before the wedding and had some friends over to help him celebrate his last night of singledom. One of his groomsmen did the 5 hour drive from Edmonton the morning of the wedding and arrived just in the nick of time to get ready with everyone!

untitled-133-2 untitled-136-2 untitled-132-2 untitled-127-2Brian picked out his groom’s gifts and we ordered them off Etsy. His two brothers, his best friend, and both of our dads got a pocket watch to go with their suits. Each watch had their initials engraved on the front.

untitled-144-2Brian and his mom are very close so it was pretty emotional for them getting ready.

untitled-190-2 untitled-198-2He kept trying to make her laugh so that she wouldn’t cry!

untitled-197-2After the ceremony, Brian told me that the worst part was the waiting. He just couldn’t wait to see me.


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