Getting Ready – Bride

The morning of my wedding was surprisingly very calm. I woke up early and reenacted the cliché of jumping on my sister’s bed yelling “I’m getting married today!” All of my bridesmaids stayed in the honeymoon suite with me the night before the wedding which was an awesome idea and they really helped me get excited for the Big Day but also kept me calm. Yoga in the morning helped as well 🙂


Of course we also had to get Starbucks on the way to the hair salon! There was a little bit of drama as I forgot the jewels for my hair that my step-mom got for my something new at the house so we had to rush home and grab them before the hair appointment. My something old and borrowed was the necklace that Brian’s mom wore on her wedding day. I was so honoured that she asked if I would wear it. My mom gave me my something blue which was a pair of blue lacy underwear! It was really special to me that I had a token from all three moms.


My step-mom gave me a total of 6 hair jewels so we put 3 in my hair and then each one of my bridesmaids had a jewel in their hair as well!

untitled-154-2I love my dress.


untitled-159-2There was no way that I was wearing heels! I wanted to be able to dance as much as I wanted to without my feet hurting so these shoes worked out great for me and fit into my theme and colours perfectly.

untitled-160-2Of course I had to have dramatic eyes! I did my own makeup for my wedding and I am so glad that I did. I really wanted to have dramatic eyes but I also wanted to look like myself so I knew that I would be the most comfortable if I did everything on my own. I did need some help putting my veil on though (my sister Windy let me use her veil from her wedding).

untitled-297-2 untitled-299-2Everyone was so impressed with our flowers. They completely exceeded my expectations and were everything I wanted and more.



untitled-220-2 untitled-227-2Sometimes you just need your mom to make everything perfect 😉

untitled-277-2The dress was on. The makeup was perfect. I was ready to see my husband.


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