Marvelous Monday

Hey Everyone! Every Monday Healthy Diva Eats hosts Marvelous Monday, I have been reading her Monday posts for awhile now so I finally decided that I should write one as today is a pretty marvelous Monday ๐Ÿ™‚



Marvelous is running 10 km on Saturday in (barely) under an hour. Four seconds under an hour still counts right?



I also ran 4 miles on Friday night AND did a 3.5 km walk with my mom and dogs on Sunday so I am pretty happy that I kept active all weekend long.

Last night a bunch of us met at a local pub to celebrate our friend, Rod’s belated birthday. It was great to hang out with a chill group of people and we had some awesome laughs. Rod is super into crossfit right now so of course Brian had to show him our new weight setย and now they have a “weight date” tonight in our basement. CUTE!

Also something marvelous but completely random: someone finding my post about Orange is the New Black by using the search “will orange is the new black make you a lesbian”. Hopefully I was able to help this troubled soul find the answer they were looking for…

And the most marvelous thing of all…..



Yay! Get ready for posts about our Big Day sometime this week ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!


xo T



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