Friday Ramblings {with GIFs!}

Yayyy it’s Friday! Why is it that even when I have nothing planned for the weekend, Friday is still amazing?



It’s like no matter what you have planned on the weekend, weekend > weekday. Always.

I plan on cleaning my house this weekend and running 6 miles:



See? It’s just better 🙂 But I know I am preaching to the choir.

My sister and her husband are living with us for the next little bit while their house is getting some major renovations done and is it weird that I am beyond excited? In my mind it will be kind of like when I used to beg my sister to hang out with me because no matter what she was doing it was always better than anything that I had planned. I think that goes for anyone who has older siblings though am I right?



I remember begging her to let me be included when she had friends over and they were playing around with makeup. I should have known something was up when they couldn’t stop giggling. I looked like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show when they were finished.




We went through stages of liking each other growing up. For 6 months we were BFFs and then I would borrow her clothes without asking and we would go back to square one.  Now that we are older get along great and she is one of my closest friends.


Anyone else think that I look like a wise Yoda in this photo? My mom loves to tell me that when I was first born she thought I looked like Darth Vader without his helmet on because I had no neck. Google it, I refuse to include a reference photo.


This post sort of turned into a Throw Back Thursday/Random Facts About Me loaded with GIFs but I am okay with that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


xo T


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