Change of Seasons Workout

Brian and I have a pretty good routine now where we both get home from work, workout for an hour, make dinner, relax, then go to bed by 9 – 9:30 pm. Exciting right? Judge all you want but if I didn’t go to bed at that time this change of seasons would be kicking my butt. Dark when you go to bed, dark when you wake up… shit’s depressing.


But anyway last night was no different to our routine and instead of fighting with Brian over who gets to use the treadmill first (for reals this is an argument every day) I decided to do a circuit style workout and use some of our fancy new equipment. Here is the circuit that I did:

– Warm up with 10 sun salutations to get my muscles warm



Performed this circuit three times through:

– 25 squats

– 25 sit ups

– 25 sumo squats

– 25 push ups (I did one of the sets in full push up form and the other two in modified)

– 30 second plank

After the circuit I did some tricep extensions, V-ups, and a move where you stand with your feet hip-width apart and one hand holding a weight (I used 10 lbs) as you lean your upper body to the side that is holding the weight. It targets your core as you should be only using your ab muscles to pull you back up again. I did this 3 times on each side with 10 reps.

When Brian was done his run I got him to spot me on the bench press (still don’t trust myself to not drop the bar on my face) and did 3 rounds of 10 with a 15 lb weight on either side. Pretty weak I know but my upper body is not strong AT ALL so I am very sore today. And my butt is making me very aware that I did squats last night.

Hope your Thursday is going well! Keep your head up, IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND! 😀

Did you work out last night? What exercises did you do? 

xo T


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