Better believe that I had to say that many “ch’s” in my head to get it right ๐Ÿ˜‰

How is everybody? Having a good Wednesday? I don’t know if ya’ll know this but I have a pretty wicked talented sister who designed my fancy new header.

She actually took pity on me after I sent her my attempt at making one using Mine wasn’t necessarily awful but it was terribleย she is a professional graphic designer so just has an eye for these sorts of things. Did I mention mine took me all morning and she turned that out in 30 minutes? Yeah.

Anyway Brian got the best deal off EVER this week. We have been searching for a weight set to compliment our running on the treadmill but could not find anything for a reasonable price. Look what we scored for $150:

weights weights2


P.S. I did have a model, but he got shy.

We now have a weight room in our downstairs living room ha ha! We did not think it came with this much stuff, but I think the guy’s wife was tired of it taking up space and made him do a quick sale. We aren’t complaining though!

I bench pressed 3 rounds of 10 40 lb weights after I did a 5 km sprint sequence on the treadmill last night. Except I kept getting distracted by a certain someone while I was running.



I am new to the whole bench press and weight world so any tips on neat exercises to try will be appreciated! It’s hard to write a Wednesday post without including this guy:



If you’re not familiar with this meme you live in a box. Not sure when it will get old, but it definitely is still funny so I’m gonna use it ๐Ÿ˜€


xo T


5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Nyaw – it was my pleasure to put that header together for you. And it wasn’t pity so much as…”aww look – she tried!”

    P.S. Will have to come and teach you some moves with the bar re: weight-lifting. Not a pick up line.

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