So many blogs…

Wow I think I follow way too many blogs! I was gone yesterday on a work trip, and have come back today to 57 unread blogs on Bloglovin’ (By the way have you followed me on Bloglovin’ yet? :D)! I think I need to trim the fat on my following list though. I have a few criteria when I follow a new blog they must:

a) me close to the same life stage as me (reading about frat parties and too much homework is just too much reminiscing for me ya know?)

b) inspire me in some way ie: fitness goals, running goals, house renovation/decorating

c) have good spelling and grammar! I have unfollowed a few blogs and unfriended people due to their insistence on using terrible grammar. I had to! I was developing an eye tick with each post I read! Don’t judge me…

Totally random but I am curious, how do you decide what blogs you want to follow? What turns you off from a blog? I really want to improve my photos on my blog. I am trying to talk Brian into letting me invest in a nice camera since my point in shoot has bit the dust and I don’t want to use Brian’s OLD baseball camera forever. A few of my friends have the Canon Rebel and really like it but I am open to any recommendations 🙂

In other news, I had to overnight in Calgary for a work trip on Tuesday night and my room got upgraded to a Jacuzzi suite that was bigger than my honeymoon suite! On Tuesday night I used their fitness facilities and got in a really good workout. I was bit too excited to be using a stationary bike and weights but I have been without them for so long! They also had a scale…

I haven’t weighed myself since I gave up my YMCA membership last year so I was a bit nervous but too curious not to do it. Turns out I am at my goal weight that I set when I first started working regularly 2 years ago, go figure! That means that I am now down 30 pounds from November 2011.  Wow. Now I don’t feel so bad about eating a few timbits in this mornings meeting ha ha! selfie


After seeing this picture I really need to take my mint nail polish off… #embarrassing

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

xo T


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