Welcome Fall!

I love Fall. Fall is my favourite season of them all – and no I did not purposefully mean to rhyme that… Many people simply cannot wait for Fall because of this lovely feel-good amazingness:



I love pumpkin spice lattes don’t get me wrong but my favourite things about Fall always include clothing. Boots, scarves, mittens, I LOVE scarves. I even learned how to knit last year just so I could make my very own chunky infinity scarf. True story.

In my house growing up, the change of seasons always meant that we would go through our clothes and donate the stuff we did not wear and bring our seasonal clothes out of storage. Anyone else do this? I lived in a house of all girls for the majority of my life so that probably had something to do with it too. So since yesterday was football Sunday in our house I decided to do the annual clothes change-up. However, this year was a bit different because one of my good friends, Mackenzie, had just done this and she had gotten rid of enough stuff that she didn’t need to store any of the extras and has been loving the fact that she can look in her closet and see everything that she owns.  So it became my goal to have a year-round closet.

A ton of my clothes were stuff I still had from high school that I was hanging onto for vanity reasons (ie: I can still wear these same shorts from when I was 17, see?) but my style has changed and I have figured out that I am no longer comfortable in shorts that disappear when I wear a t-shirt because they are so short (exaggerating but you get what I mean). So then this happened:

fall4 fall2 fall3


*Note the bright pink Ed Hardy trucker hat? Yeah that is nostalgia at it’s finest.


I now have a full garbage bag of things to donate to good will, and a full garbage bag of things to give to my younger sisters (all the cool, expensive stuff that I thought they might like), and a couple items to give to my older sister that I thought she might like as well. Whew. But on the bright side, I can now fit everything I own in my closet and half a dresser (other half is for Brian, he also has his own closet) and I forced myself to get rid of stuff that I was holding onto just for the sake of holding onto something I have had since I was a teenager.

Also, this weekend this happened:



My longest run yet! My right hip flexor is pretty tight today but other than that it felt great! Pretty productive Sunday I would say 🙂

How was your weekend? 

xo T


8 thoughts on “Welcome Fall!

  1. I am so glad I inspired you! Doesn’t it feel amazing to declutter your life? It has this nice effect of “decluttering” your mind sometimes too 🙂

    • Every time we chat I get inspired by you Mack! Yes, I feel a lot lighter after getting rid of so much stuff! But then I went and bought a new sweater today on my lunch break, but it’s super cute… ha ha!

  2. Wow, you went through a lot of clothes! I don’t clean out my closet every season but I do occasionally go through and donate things. It feels good to clean up the closet and be organized.

    Great job on your run! I’ve never ran that far either. You did awesome!

    • You don’t really realize how much stuff you have until it is all staring at you in one place! Thanks I was pretty excited about my run! Long distances are a totally different beast but some days it feels good to just keep on running 🙂

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