Honeymoon Part 2

To read about our adventures on getting to Cuba for our honeymoon read part one.

So we are now on the bus ride that will take us to our hotel. The scenery is beautiful! We came during the end of their wet season so everything was really lush and green. Coming from Alberta though we were surprised that all of the livestock were individually chained to the ground on the farms. Of course cows are expensive but neither of us had seen that before. Of course Brian got talking to the family sitting across the aisle from us about hockey (hello fellow Canadians ;)) and the ride was over before we knew it!

cuba14 cuba11

cigar factory

cigar factory





We stayed on Cayo Santa Maria which is off of the main coast of Cuba but connected by a 40 km man-made causeway. We arrived at our resort and were instantly blown away. It was N-I-C-E. We knew that we splurged on our resort because it was our honeymoon but this place was ridiculous. Each couple had two butlers assigned to them (they alternated days) and you had to use them for making reservations, ordering food (there was no buffet), and booking your excursions. The resort didn’t look like a typical resort either. Guests stayed in duplex type building; each building had four rooms, and each room had a living room, spacious bedroom, bathroom and outdoor shower (!!!). We were the only couple in our building so it was great!

Cuba4 cuba5 cuba6



There were three main beaches on our resort, one that was beautiful and secluded with very clear blue and calm water, another that faced the open ocean but stretched on forever, and the third, which was our favourite, that had a reef where you could go snorkeling whenever you wanted.



This is where we spent most of our time as Brian and I both prefer the ocean over pools. Although the hotel had a couple of amazing pool areas as well.


One of our butlers took us to see some of the towns nearby on his day off so that we could experience the real Cuba. His girlfriend was in University for English so she tagged along to practice her English speaking skills. It felt more like a double date than anything and we were so grateful that they used their day off to show us around. They even surprised Brian with a trip to the Villa Clara baseball field (the team had just won nationals the week before), and took us out for authentic Cuban lunch where we all ate way too much (the food was so good I could not stop! It was just as good later on that night in our hotel room as a snack too ;))

cuba19 cuba21 cuba25


I Can't Stop Eating!

I Can’t Stop Eating!

cuba23 cuba22

It was pretty hilarious because walking through the towns because I stuck out like a sore thumb! It was obvious I was not from there (blonde hair, super pale, rosy cheeks, and wearing yellow just to make myself more obvious!), but Brian fit right in! We still joke about it now when he hasn’t shaved in a couple days that he looks Cuban!

Cuban Cigars!

Cuban Cigars!


Champagne & Room Service for our last night

Champagne & Room Service for our last night

By the end of the trip we were sad to leave but ready to see Mika again, sleep in our own bed, and have a salad! The food was amazing, but by the end I just wanted some lettuce. As soon as we landed in Calgary I got a super kale smoothie from jugo juice with flax just to give my body some greens ha ha!







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