Honeymoon Part 1

I would highly recommend having some time to yourself after the wedding before leaving on the honeymoon. Brian and I left for our honeymoon a week after our wedding, and we were both so happy with our decision! It allowed us some time to get our house organized after all the wedding chaos and get caught up on work again before leaving for a week. Leaving for our trip was a bit more stressful than I was imagining though but that is because of the major flooding that happened in southern Alberta the day that we were supposed to head to the airport. Usually the drive north to the Calgary airport takes about 2 hours from our town, but this time it took us 4.5 hours! We left SUPER early as they were closing highways and towns were being flooded and we didn’t know if we would be trapped south of Calgary or not. We finally made it to the airport and were 10 hours early for our flight. Yes, ten. But with all the flooding, we were just glad to be at the airport, as social media rumours and false accounts were making it hard to judge how bad the damage really was (it got pretty bad especially in downtown Calgary, High River, and Camrose, but the airport did not experience any cancellations or delays which was good).

On our way to the airport!

On our way to the airport!

So 10 hours early for our flight (we didn’t fly out until midnight) we had some beer, ate greasy airport restaurant food, and played card games.


Another honeymoon tip, make sure you double check that you have a useable camera before you start packing the night before you leave. You would think with all of our spare time we would have thought about this, but I completely lost the charger for my camera the night before we left and we could not find it anywhere! Brian randomly found his old camera that he used on baseball road trips that took batteries and we ended up using that for our trip. Minus the lens sticking from time to time from all the beer that had been spilled on it, it did a pretty good job.

After hours of waiting, we finally got to get on our plane! We used this method of flying together and as usual it worked like a charm 😉 We had a stopover for a few hours in Toronto where we became those people that use their bags as pillows and sleep in the airport. Kind of a weird feeling but neither one of us could keep our eyes open. Finally we boarded the plane that would take us to Cuba! We arrived a full 24 hours after we left our house and had not slept in a bed yet, pretty rocky start to our honeymoon but we did not let it dampen our spirits 🙂


The heat was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. My Scandinavian skin tone is used to Canadian weather and I immediately got heat rash on my arms (happens quite a bit to me, especially if I have been drinking). The heat rash was not helped at all by the armed guards watching every move we were making. It is a bit unnerving seeing guards holding giant rifles and just watching everything without a smile or a “hola” (geez can you tell I am Canadian?!). Each person had to go through customs and stare into a webcam while being interrogated with questions. I was in and out in 30 seconds but Brian was held back for at least 5 minutes! The woman kept trying to speak Italian to him (his last name is VERY Italian) and she didn’t believe him when he said he couldn’t understand her. When he was finally let out of the customs booth we went to get our bags where there were more guards standing around and dogs jumping all over the bags on the carousel sniffing for contraband. We finally got our bags and headed by bus to our hotel which was about 2 hours away. The ride went fast though because they served beer on board 😉

Photo from our honeymoon!

Photo from our honeymoon!

Continued in Part Two.


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