Lil Kate

I am officially walking like a cowboy cowgirl. I did a workout last night called Lil Kate that Meg posted earlier this week and it was the kick in the ass that I needed!


There was a storm just south of us so it was super muggy in my non-air conditioned house so I was sweating like a beast! This is defintely a great workout if you have been slacking and need a kick in the pants. I ran most of the sprints at a 6.3 (my 5 km pace is comfortably at a 5.5) but by the end I was pumping up the speed just so it would be done faster. I definitely needed to talk myself into not wussing out on the burpees as they are my least favourite thing ever but I completed the entire circuit twice through and did a little happy dance.


I have been pretty good with my workouts this week! However I did overindulge in some of my mom’s homemade blackberry rhubarb pie to the point where pants had to be unbuttoned. It was totally worth it though.

Monday: This run

Tuesday: “Sweat your turtle off!” Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Lil Kate

And tonight I am planning on doing a good yoga session to release some of the tight muscles Lil Kate caused. Brian and I don’t have too much planned this long weekend. I really need to do some housework though ugh.


Do you have any big plans for the long weekend?

Do you have a workout that can kick your bum when you need it? 



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