Upcoming Trips

There is nothing like having something exciting to look forward to. Especially when it involves travel..and planes. I grew up on planes! No really, every since I was four I have been flying (almost always by myself) twice a year every year to go see my dad who lives across the country. Planes have always been a no big deal for me which is why it is so funny to me that Brian is a self-described “white knuckle flyer”. The very first plane we went on together was really early on in our relationship and I almost asked to switch seats. He was all gittery (this was also due to him being a smoker at the time) and grumpy and it was awful. We have since figured out how to travel well together (thank god) so now I can go back to getting excited for upcoming flights.

Photo from our honeymoon!

Photo from our honeymoon!

Now to the good stuff. I have TWO exciting trips coming up and they both happen to be in November and right after each other…I may hate myself afterwards but at the moment I am pretty excited! The first trip is to Pheonix, Arizona with Brian’s parents! They invited us down to stay with them while they are looking after his uncle’s house. Neither of us have been to Arizona before so we are both very excited! I can’t wait for the shopping but Brian is under the impression that we are going to a lot of baseball games…yeah we will see how that turns out ๐Ÿ˜‰

The second trip is for work and I have to leave the day after we get back from Pheonix but I get to go to Whistler! For all my American friends, Whistler is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Canada, especially when you go in Winter.



Pretty hilarious that I am going from the desert to a touristy Winter location! Hopefully I don’t lose my tan in the snow!

Question for you: Do you and your partner travel well together? What tips and tricks do you use to make the travel easier?ย Brian and I sometimes get a pint of beer in the airport before we travel. That and he gets some chewing tobacco (eww I know but it does the trick) and he is one happy camper for a couple of hours ๐Ÿ˜‰


xo T


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