“Do I look like a triangle?”

Hi friends! Hope your Tuesday is starting off fabulously!

My Monday night ended up being pretty random. Brian and I are cat sitting for his boss who lives not too far from our house so last night we decided that we were going to run there, do the cats and then drive home. The run was just under 5 km (3 mi) and it pains me to admit that this was my first one outside in over 2 months (treadmill + netflix is just so much easier!). Brian has the endurance and speed of a cheetah and I knew (from previous experience) that I would pass out if I tried to keep pace with him so we both went our own pace and the road is so straight (c’mon now it’s Alberta, every road is straight) that it didn’t feel like we were running apart. Granted, halfway through he was just a speck on the horizon but it was extra motivation! I forgot how much easier it is to run outside with all the mental stimulation! The road we took was surrounded by horse paddocks and dugouts with ducks swimming in them so there was a lot to look at which was nice. The only thing that was a bummer was running into the wind which at times felt like so much resistance, but definitely helped cool me down.



I was only behind Brian by about 10 minutes which was better than I thought and it was good practice for the 5 km run we have coming up in mid September. We didn’t time it but we both wish that we did just so we could compare treadmill numbers and see if we are naturally faster or slower. The upcoming race is my first 5 km race and I am pretty excited/nervous but it is for a good cause and thats all that matters.

Brian got his gun license in the mail yesterday and it turned into a comparison between his face in that photo versus his drivers license photo. I had the same thing with my drivers license photo (recent) versus my gym ID from when I first signed up for the gym in November of 2011. We had a good laugh about it because we have come a long way together and I think that is what has made all the difference. We cheer each other on and try to make good food choices even though we both love chips way too much. Here is a photo comparison for reference:



I never started on this journey thinking that I need to lose any weight or anything like that, I just didn’t like the way I felt in my skin anymore and loved the feeling of endorphins after a really good workout. Brian and I have learned to incorporate our changes into our lifestyle which I think is one of the most important things. I don’t NEED to work out everyday, but I feel better when I do at least 30 mins of something every day whether it be running, yoga, zumba, walking Mika, or just light stretching. I am not sure what I weigh anymore as we do not own a scale but my clothes fit a lot better and I feel better in them and that is all that matters to me.

After our run last night I did some stretching and my own yoga sequence to stretch out my hips and quads while dinner was cooking. Mid triangle pose I said to Brian,

“Do I look like a triangle?”

He looked at me funny and tilted his head and “Uhhh, not really?”

Obviously disappointed, “Well I am in Triangle Pose. This is Triangle Pose. It’s supposed to look like a triangle!”

I am not defeated I am just going to assume that he has no idea what a human triangle is supposed to look like and will remain adamant that I was doing triangle pose correctly.


xo T


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