Workout Photos

I really wish that I could take awesome workout photos but unfortunately I get super red when I run and super sweaty. I think the excess sweat is because I am running indoors at 28 degrees with no A/C and I moisturize a lot, but still. I am not one of those people that ‘glow’ when they run. Nope, no sir I definitely do my workouts quick and dirty and have slowly come to accept that I will look like a tomato no matter what exercise it is. Brian and I have got into a habit of working out as soon as we get home from work, however this usually results in a fight over who gets to use the treadmill first. I know #firstworldproblems right? But he only likes to run, whereas I alternate my running days with yoga, a circuit, or sometimes Zumba if I can find a video on YouTube that works for me (I have found out I am super picky about instructors and their styles, some just don’t have what it takes you know?). But anyways, on the days that I do want to run Brian always calls dibs! Such a pain.

"Take me for a walk mom!"

“Take me for a walk mom!”

So last night while he was doing a 5 km, I took Mika on a quick walk that is half of our usual route but it was hot out and she is 13 so I took it easy. When I came home he was STILL running (it had only been 23 minutes but who’s counting?) so I did 50 bicycle crunches, 30 up-downs, and some light stretching. When it was finally my turn I did a 5 k m (3.25 mi) sprint sequence where I sprinted for 40 seconds and rested for 20 seconds. I tried to do a consistent and easy 5 km but half way through the first mile I found myself getting restless and taking way too many water breaks so I pushed really hard and the time just flew by. Gotta love when that happens!

After our workout, Brian and I had baked chicken with local corn on the cob. I wasn’t super hungry and the chicken just wasn’t satisfying me so I only ate half of it and had two pieces of corn instead 🙂 I think today will be a yoga day as those up-downs killed my arms and the sprints hurt my tush (in a good way of course). My favourite yoga video at the moment is this one:

I first fell in love with it because all the neat leg stretches that were new to me. I still really like it because it is getting easier and easier to do the moves that were super difficult the first couple rounds.

Do you have a favourite workout video on YouTube? I would like to see! I did this Zumba video a few weeks ago and ended up doing the whole class just because I loved the teacher’s accent. Creepy I know but it made me sweat so thats good! (the workout, not the accent…)

xo T


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