Things I am Loving Lately

As a blog troller I especially love when some of my favourite blogs do a post on the things that they are loving lately. This list will combine with random facts about me as well because, well I am a creature of habit, and some of my guilty pleasures have been around for a very long time 🙂

1. 90’s boy bands have come up for me quite a bit lately, especially in the last couple days. It got so bad that yesterday that I was jamming out to this gem on songza:


I’m sorry that I’m not sorry, this playlist just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I remember going to a Backstreet Boys concert when I was 8 and my dad had to buy us earplugs because the girls were screaming so loud and our seats were so far back that I could barely see them. I had enough of a crush on all of them to be okay with this situation though and just being in the same room as them was enough for me 😛

2. I have a weird obsession with the Food Network and love one show in particular.


(Photo Source)

Brian absolutely despises this show due to Guy Fieri’s insistence on talking with his mouth full of food. He actually does a pretty good impression of it when his complaining isn’t making me change the channel.

3. Almond butter. I know that every healthy eating blog loves them some almond butter (or any kind of nut butter really, its all delicious) but I just recently tried and fell in love with this little gem this summer. I found a local company that makes it at the farmer’s market and grab a new container every time I am there it is so good! And I love how there is only one ingredient. Just amazing.

4. Reading blogs. I LOVE me some blogs. It started innocently enough with this one, then slowly added in this one religiously, and now I am in love with Bloglovin’ because it helps me read all the blogs I like in one convenient place!

5. Instagram. Come on now who doesn’t love instagram.

6. Forever Nuts tea from David’s Tea. This tea was one of the samples from my Bridal Shower and I am sad that I finished it yesterday 😦 I might have to go get some more this week. It’s just something about the smell that makes me feel all comfy and cozy.


7. Any Chivettes out there? Did you know they have a site for girls too? It’s called The Berry and it is awesome 🙂

8. I think this whole exercise has made me realize how much time I actually spend on the internet. It is quite a bit…but my job is all web based so its not that bad, right?

9. Brian would never let me get one, but sometimes I really want a cat. They just have so much personality! I am too much of a dog person though. I would probably turn into one of those people who try to “walk” their cat with a leash.


10. I love green smoothies. Like the greener the better. I felt like I didn’t have enough vegetables yesterday so for dinner I had a little bit of chicken breast for some protein after my run, and a HUGE green smoothie with two giant stems of kale, mixed fruit, flax seeds, and some almond butter. MMMM dee-lish!

So that is a little about me lately. It kind of jumped all over the place but that’s just me.

P.S. Lesson learned of the day: don’t throw out octopus from your lunch into your own personal garbage at work. It really smells the next day and now I think people are avoiding my office. Awkward.


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