Bridal Shower

Like my stagette, my sister and MOH Windy did an fantabulous job organizing and hosting my bridal shower. I had my hair trial for the wedding in the morning so my hair was all perrdy for the party. Again, she really wanted to surprise me with who was going to be there, what we would be doing, and basically anything related to the party I was not allowed to know. Thank goodness I am only ever getting married once because I am no good at surprises or waiting. But at least I can admit it 😉


So when I arrived at the party there were all my close friends, my mom, Bedste (Grandma in Danish) and Brian’s mom! It was a really awesome group. The theme was ‘Tea Party’ and Windy had set out assortments of teas to try, finger sandwiches, macaroons, and mini cupcakes! She completely spoiled me! Funny enough, my original plan for HER bridal shower the year before was a tea party but I never told her that! Great minds think alike I guess!

Shower2 Shower3

We then proceeded to play some games. Oh man the games! To start, everyone was divided into two teams (except for me) and then each team had 10 minutes to make me a toilet paper wedding dress which I then had to model on the front lawn!

Shower4 Shower8Shower1

*The hat is all of the bows and tissue paper from my presents! We thought it was very Gone with the Wind looking.

We then played Pin the Ring on the Groom! Brian had supplied the photo and we had rings that we had to put as close to his ring finger as possible while blind folded. The funniest moment was when it was my friend Jo’s turn and her foot accidentally hit the carbon monoxide alarm and it let out a PIERCING sound that made her scream and run away blindfolded! So hilarious!



While all the games were happening a pair of (new) men’s boxers were being passed around for people to write advice on! Some wrote/draw inappropriate things on certain regions but others were very heartfelt! It was such a neat idea!


(Brian reading the advice)

I am so grateful to my sister for everything she did to make both my Bridal Shower and Stagette  memorable experiences.

What did you do for your Bridal Shower? Was it themed? 


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