The Proposal

So without this big step there would be no wedding and thus no newlywed bliss to tell you all about! Brian and I met in the summer of 2010 while I was working at a local sport bar. I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship and decided to quit my job because it was too awkward to keep working at the same place as my ex. I was still in university and just wanted a fun part time job where I could have fun and be single…that only lasted 2 months before Brian came into the picture! He was unlike anyone I had ever dated and that is probably why I was so drawn to him. Fast forward a year and a bit and I was on my way home from my sister’s stagette in Vegas.

I arrived home and was so excited to see Brian but I was also severely overtired and very very VERY chatty. I would not shut up. I was talking so much that I did not notice that Brian had made my favourite dinner (BBQ salmon) and had even set out full place settings on the table (that should have tipped me off right there). So there I was talking about my adventurous weekend and did not notice how much he was sweating or how quiet he was being – Brian later told me that he did not remember a single thing that I said because he was so nervous!

After I had talked myself tired we retired to the couch to watch The Bachelorette (how ironic is that eh?) Brian announced that he was going to go put on comfy pants and went into our bedroom. He then called me in to the room and when I went in he was on his knee. Of course I couldn’t just answer him I was so surprised that I started talking about how he was not in his comfy pants! He actually had to say “would you answer me please?”

Of course I said yes 🙂



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