My stagette was an absolute blast! First off I had no idea where we were going, who was going, or what the plans were at all! The week leading up to the big event, my sister and MOH Windy, sent me vague pictures that were supposed to be “clues” to parts of the weekend. Clues such as:


Hard right?! This later turned out to be the shirt that I was supposed to wear for one of the nights out but I will get to that. Here are more of my clues and what they turned out to be:

Stag1 stag3 stag4 stag9stag8stag13

(From L-R: birthday cake vodka (the clue was a close up of the confetti; candy pearls from boob and butt cookies; close up of the personalized water bottle that said, “I’m the bride bitch!”

Everything was a surprise to me, Windy even went so far as to blind fold me and drove to the airport to pick up Christina, my best friend of over 10 years! I had talked to her the days leading up to the stagette and she said that she couldn’t come (understandable as she lives in B.C. while I am in Alberta). Christina had even sent out a CD at my request so that she could be our virtual DJ. Too funny! Our friend Tracy came with us as well so it ended up being 4 of us in beautiful Canmore (a shortish drive from Calgary, Alberta).

The first night we made some birthday cake shots (birthday cake vodka, a dash of creamsicle pop, and vodka whipped cream),


Played some drinking games,


and went into the hottub! It was a fun girls night!

The next morning we got up and went shopping in Canmore at an amazing thrift store (you can’t even tell it is a second hand store, everything is very clean and the clothes are all brand name!), went for lunch, and then got ready for our fun night out!

Little did I know that my outfit was prearranged and I was required to wear this shirt around the bar:


Yep. Those are mints that I had to ask people to eat off of me without using their hands (the first vague picture clue I received was a close up of a mint tied to the shirt). My favourite line to say to people was “Want to freshen your breath?” I also had a list of things that I had to accomplish before the end of the night such as, pretend I am riding a horse and go around the bar yelling ‘yeehaw’, ask a stranger for money for the condom machine, and find a guy wearing the same colour underwear as me (orange is not a popular boxer colour!)

stag7 stag10 stag11 stag12

The weekend went by way too fast but we kept a few souvenirs…


xo T


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